Are you a frontline healthcare worker suffering
from the stress of providing care to COVID-19 patients?

COVID-19 Support

Introducing “Nurses Helping Nurses” . . .

Frontline healthcare workers are suffering. According to a recent survey, the largest of its kind to date, 57% of participants said they had experienced symptoms of acute stress. Acute stress symptoms include nightmares, ruminating about COVID-19, feeling constantly on guard, and numbness or detachment from people or their surroundings. Left untreated, acute stress symptoms often morph into post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Alarmingly, nurses are at highest risk for these symptoms, as 64% of nurses and advanced nurse practitioners admitted to symptoms of acute stress disorder in the same study.

Inspired Psychiatric Care (IPC), located in Overland Park, Kansas and staffed primarily by psychiatric nurse practitioners, has implemented a program which we are calling Nurses Helping Nurses.

First Step – Do an Online Self-Assessment . . .

If you are a front-line health care worker suffering from the stress of providing care related to COVID-19, we invite you to complete two quick online assessment questionnaires: the PHQ-9 and the GAD7. These instruments are commonly used in behavioral health to assess the level of depression and anxiety that one may be experiencing.

Click Here to Complete the Self-Assessment

After you submit your self-assessment, you will receive an email from Inspired Psychiatric Care which will provide you with an overall stress assessment. Using an evidence-based algorithm, one of the following recommendations will be made for you:

  • Mild Stress – We will suggest that you take advantage of ongoing self-care and resources currently available on the American Nurses Association (ANA) and American Psychiatric Nurses Associations (APNA) websites.
  • Moderate Stress – We will invite you to sign up for the Nurses Helping Nurses online support group which meets weekly through December 2021. Inspired Psychiatric Care manages the online support group. This is a FREE service offered to our colleagues on the front lines of COVID-19 healthcare.
  • Severe Stress – If you meet Severe Stress criteria, Inspired Psychiatric Care offers the following services for you . . .
    • High priority scheduling for appointments – we will see you within one week
    • If we are not in network for your insurance, we will offer you a sliding scale for self-pay fees which are based approximately on Medicare’s rates.
      • If your income is below $40,000 per year, we will offer a 50 percent discount over Medicare’s rates.
      • If your income is below $20,000 per year, we offer a 75 percent discount over Medicare’s rates.
      • If you are unemployed, we are offering FREE services. However, we are limiting this to 50 new patients in 2021
      • HOW TO GET STARTED: Simply complete the online New Patient Form
  • Debilitating Stress – If your on-line assessment indicates debilitating stress, please seek emergency room attention and call Inspired Psychiatric Care at 913-346-6301 to discuss a long-term strategy for coping and recovery.