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Booking Your First Appointment is Easy!

Your initial psychiatric evaluation is only 2-4 weeks away. Watch the one minute video!

Step 1

Complete the New Patient Form (5 Minutes – see button below)

After you complete the form, you will receive an email with a link to book your FREE 10-Minute New Patient Phone Consultation. These consultations are usually available within 2 business days after you submit the New Patient Form.

Step 2

Attend your FREE 10-Minute New Patient Phone Consultation

During this consultation, we will register you on our patient portal, explain how we work at Inspired Psychiatric Care, and schedule you for your initial psychiatric evaluation. Most evaluations occur within less than 2 weeks.

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Yes, we do telehealth appointments!

We find that most of our patients appreciate the convenience of telehealth appointments (video conferencing over the Internet with a psychiatric provider).